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Useful tips for creating a fashion blog that works

How to create a fashion blog and increase your audience? How to use social networks? Here you can find all the answers to your queries.

Choose a simple and direct design

Let’s do something very simple: let’s surf on the best known and most visited fashion blogs. You do not notice anything? These blogs all have almost the same design: they are super simple. Discover the articles one after the other. Photos occupy most of the screen. The articles are presented in full. Do not click to see more. If those who have the most popular blogs have chosen this simple design, it’s probably because it works best. So exit homepages with photos in small that require clicking to see the article, Exit fantasies.

Why you need a very good camera

You want to like a picture a little blurry and dull? No. Always think that Internet users are like you. The camera of the iPhone is perfect when you want to take photos for Instagram or photos of kitten. But when you want photos with precise details and with a beautiful light, you need a real camera.

Why the blog must be fast

What do you do when a site takes too long to load? You do like everyone else. You will see another site, especially if it is an unknown site and you just go out of curiosity. So have to choose you a web host and a quality package. If you choose the cheapest formula you will have the slowest site in the world, and you will lose readers. The cheapest formula is made for small sites with few visitors and little traffic. A fashion blogger post a lot of photos in large format (which are heavy and take a long time to load), so you have to put a little money in your package.

Contests on fashion blogs, it works?

Yes the competitions work. You are associated with a brand and they offer products for free. You will therefore achieve audience peaks and discover the fashion blog on this occasion. But many Internet users only come for contests. These are the “concourists”. They go to play sites and never come back. Once again if a contest allows you to reach 10,000 visits in the day, only 1 to 5% of them will return to the blog afterwards.

Why you have to be careful about the size of the photos

Because under what has been said previously, the cheapest hosting package is also the slowest. If it is perfect for an SME who just wants to be present on the internet, it is not suitable for a blogger who will publish 20 large photos in each of his articles. You have to pay attention to that. Photos must be resized in the format they will be viewed on the site. The bigger the photos are, the more time they take to load, the more likely they are to bug the old computer and during this time, users go to sites that work better.


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