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A lot of people misunderstand shirt collars completely. They are often regarded as the part of the shirt which they have no say in. Most of the time guys just accept whatever collar comes with the shirt, believing that it doesn’t matter.

That is as big a mistake as Miss South Carolina attempting to answer a question. Each collar is designed with a specific fit and shape- some work better with suits, whereas others are best teamed with casual tops. Collars also work differently with each individual face shape, helping to create a more balanced look. So, let’s check out the variations of styles and see how they can work for you…


This is the basic style. It’s what you’re going to be using for most occasions. Get most of your shirts in regular and you’ll be covered for nearly all events. Wear with a tie to work and remove the tie for evening drinks at the bar.


The spread collar is one of the more formal types. It is strictly for pairing with suits and blazers and should NEVER be worn casually. The spread collar basically describes the width off the collar, as it pulls away and is almost horizontal. It is designed like this in order to show off the tie knot.

Another mistake most men make is to tie any old tie knot with it, which is as wrong as this car. Spread collars are designed to be worn with a thick knotted tie, preferably a full Windsor. The space between the collar lends perfectly for a big knot, a small sized one just looks out of place. It’s also perfect for men who have thin long necks, as the width of the collar help to balance their face.


The button-down collar is a timeless classic and evokes prep school chic. Pair it with Oliver Peoples glasses and you’ll look just like Clark Kent! It’s a very versatile style but steers more towards casual than formal. They work best when worn undone with a V-neck sweater or simply with a blazer. A current trend at the moment is to wear the button down buttoned all the way to the top and this can be spotted being rocked by all those trendy creative cats hanging around Brick Lane and Soho.

Every guy should at least own one or two button-down shirts, as they help break down your wardrobe and add that much needed casual look to your shirt game.


Long Point collars have a slightly dramatic effect. Ties are usually optional with these designs, but where they really come into their own is when a button or two is left undone. The length of the collar lends well to leaving them undone. Some have a more rigid structure and so stand upright a lot better, creating a more sophisticated look.

They are also great for guys who have a short, rounded face or little or no neck. The length of the collar, especially when undone, helps create the illusion of a longer neck and a more balanced face.

What are all the important factors needed to be considered in aircon service?

Whenever you are in need of aircon services to repair or for regular maintenance of your air conditioning system in your residential or commercial area, first of all you should need to look for the service company which is good at aircon servicing singapore. Not all types of aircon servicing firms are providing the equal range of the services because some of the companies have the less skilled and inexperienced technicians without any reputation. This is why it is highly crucial to look for the best and highly reputable aircon servicing firm which is really having more numbers of skilled and experienced aircon servicing technicians.

Necessary factors in aircon service:

There are various factors affecting the cost of the general or advanced aircon services given by the top rated service providers. These factors will only decide the size of your aircon service bill. They include,

  • Number of units – Evidently, the more numbers of the aircon units are serviced so it will cost only more. But some of the service providing companies charge only the standard price for the multi split aircon systems that can reduce the average price of the service per unit.
  • Frequency of servicing – If you are going to the one time servicing from the technicians, it will definitely cost you more per servicing as compared to the frequent servicing package deal. When you have found the best company and you are comfortable with its reputation and service, you can choose the package of frequent aircon repair and maintenance service to save on the prices.

Some other important factors:

  • Number of coils – When servicing the aircon unit, it is more expensive and also the more powerful. This is because they have more coils and servicing coils normally starts at 35 US dollars to 40 US dollars per coil with the additional chargers per subsequent coil.
  • Type of servicing – When it comes to the general aircon servicing, it doesn’t include the services like steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, or also the replacement parts. If your aircon unit requires any of these services, you should have to pay more money on the services. It is really better to clarify all these costs with your selected aircon servicing company before put an agreement for the service.
  • Extra levies – If you want to get the immediate service from the aircon servicing company, they will put some additional fee.

From among the various options of the aircon servicing providing companies in Singapore, Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd is absolutely the best and affordable choice for all residential and commercial owners who are all looking for their aircon servicing and maintenance.

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