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2019 Antigua Sailing Week Countdown Begins

The lazy and hot summer days are coming to an end in the Caribbean and the northern hemisphere. The children are heading back to school as it is the beginning of the run up in cold weather and Christmas.

The Sailing Week Antigua Team, the organizers of one of the greatest Caribbean event suggests that this time is the perfect time to begin making plans for the Antigua Sailing Week, 52nd Edition. So, it is good to book the tickets in advance as earlier you will book flights, charters, berths and hotels the sooner you can start your countdown to chase, race and celebrate.

The details of the event

The Peters and May Round Antigua Race 2019 and the run of Antigua Sailing Week will start on April 27 and will conclude on May 3.  It is guaranteed that both the events will exhilarate for participants. The classes in the event include CSA Non-Spinnaker, CSA Racing, Multihull, Club Classes, Bareboat and new for 2019, CSA Double Handed.

ASW takes the safety of the sailors very seriously and the organizing body also wants to be assured that the participants are properly equipped. Therefore, remain assured to arrive at the competition fully prepared.  Review the ASW minimum safety rules on the website, to know what are they do and don’t of this event from the safety point of view. All Notices of Race have been published and are now available here.

Mark your calendars

On September 14th, the team of Sailing Week Antigua will be at the Newport Boat Show, and it will be alongside the sponsors Dream Yacht Charter present at Dock N-5 W. On 4th of October, you can ASW will be at the Annapolis Boat Show at the DYC exhibit at Dock H in Vacation Basin. For more details of the event, check the link shared.

Explore More of Web Site Designing Now

If yours is a medium-small company that works in business-to-business, surely digital has revolutionized the way you do Marketing and Sales. If this is not the case, or if you are not yet satisfied with the results, you will have to run for cover immediately.

In this post we will give you 10 practical tips on how to bring your company to the top and make sure it is visible online, well known and listened to by online users.

If until a few years ago a sale, even if carried out through the internet, still needed some interaction between people, today the prospect bases its search for information on a product / service and later on a company ONLY on the web , getting all the answers he seeks. It is therefore necessary to provide for planning, implementing and optimizing a perfect B2B web marketing strategy. To deepen the differences in the approach between traditional sales and digital techniques, you can read our post ” B2B sales processes: a comparison between tradition and innovation.” The best website design in singapore brings you the best choices there.

Be found

The site: your digital realm

Everyone knows that having a website is essential for a company, but few know its real potentials and pitfalls: the site is the place where you can share the history of your brand, connect directly to the prospects and give the fundamental first impression . Make sure that your online image lives up to the reputation you have built with difficulty, providing an interactive experience to the client, spreading the brand and above all that you can navigate with ease.

Contents: your story

A customer has a reaction when he finds useful and educational materials, products or services will come later. If you are not already doing this, start by telling your story using different formats: the more often you tell it, the more your story will be read, seen and listened to.

The basics of research: what to know

Being found on the web through search engine optimization (SEO) requires a regular and continuous flow of useful and high quality content, but also the use of social media to increase the visibility and the authority of a brand. Get the best now through the good at website design. Social networks are often left aside and underestimated, but according to Search Metrics research on the factors influencing the positioning on Google, as many as 7 of the top 8 elements of SEO are directly connected to social activities. Being present on these channels is very important, but it is equally important to offer updates so as not to run the risk of losing the interest of followers. Now with the greater details you can have the options available and that also within a stable opportunity. There comes the perfection.

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