Get Set and Go on the Best Journey Underwater

Who has not dreamed of being able to explore the wonderful underwater world of our Earth? Thanks to the modern submarine tourist excursions (sometimes called “pocket submarines”), it is possible to do so without being a seasoned diver: comfortably installed, dry and safe, submerged up to 35 meters under the water, you will be able to watch the astonishing marine life parade in front of the portholes of your submarine (on the condition of not being claustrophobic!)

A boon for those who can not swim or the idea of ​​snorkeling scares. Whether in the depths of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea or the Red Sea, aboard a submarine of 3 or 40 passengers, the experience can be magical , and deserves to be tempted (despite sometimes a high price).

Here are 9 spots where you can admire multicolored corals, myriads of fish and other underwater inhabitants, wrecks of boats or planes. Take place! With cupom de desconto Submarino Viagens the details are perfect.

Curasub Aquarius, Curacao, underwater

Located off Venezuela, the island is renowned for its stunning beaches and dazzling seabed. The Curasub Aquarius (managed by the Substation Curaçao, the company to have marketed the first submarine dedicated to tourism) is a small submarine that can accommodate up to 5 passengers, but going to hundreds of meters deep (d where the price is very high compared to other places: $ 650!).

Cozumel (Mexico)

Atlantis, submarine, Cozumel

A few kilometers from the Mexican shore, it is possible to leave for an expedition aboard the submarine Atlantis , a submarine of the US Coast Guard. Cozumel Island is one of the best diving destinations in the world: it boasts a protected marine marine park with amazing coral formations and a wide variety of marine life.

Cayman Islands, turquoise water

At the heart of the calm and turquoise waters of the western Caribbean, the islands are another realm of diving. The Atlantis XI submarine has been specially designed for underwater sightseeing excursions and will allow you to witness to the abundance of underwater life and the spectacular beauty of coral reefs in this corner of the globe.

Submarine, Hawaii

Whether on the island of Maui, Oahu or on the “Big Island”, it is possible here also to experience the submarine journey in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, where acres of coral reef are to explore.


Submarine, Mauritius

This underwater trip will offer you a panoramic view of the Mauritian marine world, 35 meters deep in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Snpb Academy eye lash care shedding cycke

Everything, and that we mean the globe, encompasses a real existence cycle. From hardware to butterflies to domains that commonplace the land, actually everything has it is time within the sun before it starts its decrease. Indeed, even eyelashes.

This is one thing essential to acknowledge with regards to lash expansions. Since lash augmentations, and also the characteristic lashes they’re clung to, simply do not and will not keep going forever. Lashes shed and it’s impeccably common that they are doing.

Lashes and their shedding cycles are actually quite charming. Did you notice that:

Each best protective fold holds between 150-200 eyelashes! additionally, our lower lashes are available at somewhere near 75-100 lashes for every eye.

The normal individual loses around twenty p.c of the their common lashes at regular intervals. which will appear to be an excellent deal nevertheless new lashes are frequently developing in and developing longer within the in the meantime. the bulk of our lashes are at numerous stages within the development stage.

Eyelashes, and any hair on our body, thus far as that’s involved, develop in 3 stages:

The length of the event stage shifts relying upon somebody’s sex and qualities. Enduring somewhere near 30-45 days, this stage sees the beginnings of latest lashes as they rise through the vesicle and out of the skin, and afterward persevere stretching. Around forty p.c of the higher lashes are sooner or later of the event stage at some random time.

The amendment stage pursues, and happens once the lash vesicle starts to climb towards the surface of the skin in anticipation of the subsequent stage. On the off probability that a lash drops out amid this transformation, it will not develop once more till this stage has finished its course.

The shedding stage implies that the lash is totally developed and is bit by bit being supplanted by its successor. Another lash has simply started its development stage in a very similar vesicle, because the former one is making ready to shed.

From getting down to finish, a lash cycle keeps going around 90-100 days.

Lash cycles frequently get shorter as people get seasoned. Lashes will likewise get shorter and additional slender as people age.

An individual will enhance the character of their lashes, a lot of the identical because the nature of the hair on their head, with a sound uptake programme and method of life.

With lash augmentations, the lash shedding cycle could seem to be more and more noticeable on the grounds that each enlargement is appended to a characteristic lash. Consequently, after you lose a characteristic lash, you will lose AN augmentation, as well.

Furthermore, as documented, a cycle still has to end itself before another lash shows up, that is that the reason it is vital to treat your lashes, and lash augmentations, considerately. actuation and actuation or scouring your lash line will cause untimely shedding.

Entrancing, is not that so?

Keep in mind: each single lash on every object within the finish sheds, thus do not grieve your lashes — merely create a want and trust that new ones can develop.

How much are prom dresses worth?

All those people who are looking for the upcoming Prom event, there might be some questions in their mind. One of the most obvious question that must be running around your mind is what kind of spending are you looking at? If you do not have any idea about what kind of amount you have to spend on dresses for special events like prom and if you are looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses, there are some practical ways of looking at it.

First of all it is better to look at your own budget rather than trying to find out what other are spending because at the end of the day it is all about how much you can spend and it’s not about how much others are spending. There might be people who are going to be spend lesser than you and some other people, who are spending more.

If you have a tight budget, then another way out would you be to find a very good dress on rent or look out for prom dresses for sale. In this way you will get a dress that would be costly as far as its cost price is concerned, and it’s going to look good look at you but at the same time, you do not have to spend as much money on renting it than you have to spend on buying it.

It is also sensible to rent a Prom dress because you are going to need it once to use in Prom. You might use it in other formal occasion in future but as you are considering do buy a brand new costly dress solely for Prom, it does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars in a dress for just an event.

If you have a good budget and you also like spending money on dresses and clothes then you can simply go on and buy any mother of the bride dresses of your choice. That being said, if you search on Google you be able to find that on an average, people spend around dollar $500 to $ 1000 on prom dresses. It is not only about dresses, Prom is also about getting dressed up well and accessories related to dresses add to the total expenditure.

This is some of the basic information about how much one should spend on Prom. The bottom line is, you should know your limits and it would be best if you work out your budget accordingly. Rest is up to you, Prom is one of event of its kind and it is probably going to be once in a lifetime event for you as well. So, if you would like to go little overboard, that would be ok as well.

If you are looking around for quality and affordable prom dresses, then we invite you to our online clothing store at You be able to find different kinds of prom dresses at friendly rates at our online clothing store. So we request you to give us a chance to serve you.


A lot of people misunderstand shirt collars completely. They are often regarded as the part of the shirt which they have no say in. Most of the time guys just accept whatever collar comes with the shirt, believing that it doesn’t matter.

That is as big a mistake as Miss South Carolina attempting to answer a question. Each collar is designed with a specific fit and shape- some work better with suits, whereas others are best teamed with casual tops. Collars also work differently with each individual face shape, helping to create a more balanced look. So, let’s check out the variations of styles and see how they can work for you…


This is the basic style. It’s what you’re going to be using for most occasions. Get most of your shirts in regular and you’ll be covered for nearly all events. Wear with a tie to work and remove the tie for evening drinks at the bar.


The spread collar is one of the more formal types. It is strictly for pairing with suits and blazers and should NEVER be worn casually. The spread collar basically describes the width off the collar, as it pulls away and is almost horizontal. It is designed like this in order to show off the tie knot.

Another mistake most men make is to tie any old tie knot with it, which is as wrong as this car. Spread collars are designed to be worn with a thick knotted tie, preferably a full Windsor. The space between the collar lends perfectly for a big knot, a small sized one just looks out of place. It’s also perfect for men who have thin long necks, as the width of the collar help to balance their face.


The button-down collar is a timeless classic and evokes prep school chic. Pair it with Oliver Peoples glasses and you’ll look just like Clark Kent! It’s a very versatile style but steers more towards casual than formal. They work best when worn undone with a V-neck sweater or simply with a blazer. A current trend at the moment is to wear the button down buttoned all the way to the top and this can be spotted being rocked by all those trendy creative cats hanging around Brick Lane and Soho.

Every guy should at least own one or two button-down shirts, as they help break down your wardrobe and add that much needed casual look to your shirt game.


Long Point collars have a slightly dramatic effect. Ties are usually optional with these designs, but where they really come into their own is when a button or two is left undone. The length of the collar lends well to leaving them undone. Some have a more rigid structure and so stand upright a lot better, creating a more sophisticated look.

They are also great for guys who have a short, rounded face or little or no neck. The length of the collar, especially when undone, helps create the illusion of a longer neck and a more balanced face.

Useful tips for creating a fashion blog that works

How to create a fashion blog and increase your audience? How to use social networks? Here you can find all the answers to your queries.

Choose a simple and direct design

Let’s do something very simple: let’s surf on the best known and most visited fashion blogs. You do not notice anything? These blogs all have almost the same design: they are super simple. Discover the articles one after the other. Photos occupy most of the screen. The articles are presented in full. Do not click to see more. If those who have the most popular blogs have chosen this simple design, it’s probably because it works best. So exit homepages with photos in small that require clicking to see the article, Exit fantasies.

Why you need a very good camera

You want to like a picture a little blurry and dull? No. Always think that Internet users are like you. The camera of the iPhone is perfect when you want to take photos for Instagram or photos of kitten. But when you want photos with precise details and with a beautiful light, you need a real camera.

Why the blog must be fast

What do you do when a site takes too long to load? You do like everyone else. You will see another site, especially if it is an unknown site and you just go out of curiosity. So have to choose you a web host and a quality package. If you choose the cheapest formula you will have the slowest site in the world, and you will lose readers. The cheapest formula is made for small sites with few visitors and little traffic. A fashion blogger post a lot of photos in large format (which are heavy and take a long time to load), so you have to put a little money in your package.

Contests on fashion blogs, it works?

Yes the competitions work. You are associated with a brand and they offer products for free. You will therefore achieve audience peaks and discover the fashion blog on this occasion. But many Internet users only come for contests. These are the “concourists”. They go to play sites and never come back. Once again if a contest allows you to reach 10,000 visits in the day, only 1 to 5% of them will return to the blog afterwards.

Why you have to be careful about the size of the photos

Because under what has been said previously, the cheapest hosting package is also the slowest. If it is perfect for an SME who just wants to be present on the internet, it is not suitable for a blogger who will publish 20 large photos in each of his articles. You have to pay attention to that. Photos must be resized in the format they will be viewed on the site. The bigger the photos are, the more time they take to load, the more likely they are to bug the old computer and during this time, users go to sites that work better.


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