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Discover Lifestyle: Small & Cute Tattoos

There’s nothing like tattoos that have actual meaning behind them. You may find yourself asking what it means or why it’s there. Whether they are creative, cute, meaningful, irrelevant, or just plain stupid; everyone loves good matching tattoos. From husband and wife with inked rings to family crests and continuation pieces – we’ve got the best 80 matching tattoos.

You’ve got to give credit to those couples that tattoo on their wedding rings – good for you! They better be staying together forever. Otherwise, couple tattoos are cute and fun to explain to other people. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever have you, we adore those lovey dovey inks!

143-1 means I, 4 means Love, 3 means You

1 means I, 4 menas Love, 3 means You

blue bird


bread man

elephant tattoo on the arm


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Dove Tattoo – Devotion To Love

When it comes to widely known symbols, the dove ranks as one of the most well known symbols around the world. The dove has always been a constant symbol of peace and love. Due to the widely recognition of the dove, dove tattoos are popular all around the globe. When it comes to symbolizing love, the dove ranks right up there with the rose and heart.

dove 1

Dove tattoo (2)

dove tattoo with soul written on the wing

dove tattoo

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Fly Away Tat

Tale after tale whenever there is a mention of time flying you will usually get to hear about dandelions. A flower associated with flying time, dandelions have a lot of meaning as a tattoo design. They express a love of freedom and the wish to rise above the odds of life in a shining, positive manner. When you look at the petals flying away from a dandelion on the breeze your mind would also want to soar, much like birds. Dandelion petals are the nearest one can get to flying without wings. This is why dandelions are a powerful and popular tattoo symbol.

fly away tattoo   kewl birds

fly away tattoo (2)

fly away tattoo by

fly away tattoo

wrist tattoo   fly away tattoo

The circular shape of the flower with the long stem makes it a bold design for a tattoo. A single color dandelion looks great with delicate shades that bring out its beauty. You can also go for a touch of color like pink, or a white highlight to make the flower design stand out. You can get the petals to make a fine horizontal design on your back, or have the design inked vertically on your leg or arm. Combine the Dandelion Tattoo with your favorite quote on flying, adventure, or freedom, and you have got yourself a really cool piece of body art.

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Pretty Water Color Tattoos

OK, so I officially suck at the “old school/traditional” watercolor techniques for painting flash, and I’m sick of ruining my nice line drawings. I have some sucess with acrylic inks (FW, Speedball), but the Doc Martins are a mystery to me. I love the look, but I can’t pull it off. I know we have some members that are great at this technique (I won’t name names because I don’t want to leave anyone out) so here we go… Post your watercolor flash tips and techniques here. Step by steps, how to’s, in progresses, tools, techniques, samples, or just some helpful advice. Please help me acheive the main goal of my forum. To educate young artists about the artforms that interest them most. The COOL ones!

Musa at TriboTattoo Czech Republic 12   Abstract Tattoo

water color tattoo bird

watercolor tattoo

watercolor tattoo lady tattoo

White Raven outstanding

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