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Ciara Addresses Rihanna & Melissa Forde Beef

Ciara recently called up the “Morning Riot Show” to promote her latest single titled “Body Party“, but somehow, some way the interview got crossed and turned into an interview about why Rihanna and her best friend, Melissa Forde, decided to get at Ciara on Instagram and Twitter!!

The morning show even asked Ciara if Future was next to her and that question completely threw Ciara for a loop! And although the questions might have thrown Ciara off her game just a little bit, that didn’t stop her from addressing the incident about Rihanna and her friend.

So find out what Ciara had to say about all of the cattiness when you click on that “Read More” button below:

I like that Ciara decided to take the high road on this one because she really didn’t warrant Rihanna or her friend to come at her sideways like that. #ImJustSaying!

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Gossip Pics: Kevin Hart Celebrates DeRay Davis’s Birthday

Photos courtesy of Hennessy V.S

Tuesday, March 5th Team Hennessy kicked off the grand opening of the newly renovated speak easy Emerson Theatre (formerly known as My House) in Hollywood. BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star, Kevin Hart, was in attendance to celebrate DeRay Davis’ birthday.

Chicago based DJ, DJ Sean Mac came out for the “Very Special” evening and had the crowd moving and Hennessy V.S kept the spirits alive and the bottle parades flowing all night as guests sipped on Hennessy specialty mixed drinks all evening.

Kevin Hart grabbed the mic from DJ Sean Mac and stopped the music and gave a special shout out to DeRay for his birthday and a toast to DeRay and Damien Dante Wayans on their success of BET’s two rising shows “Real Husbands Of Hollywood” and “Second Generation Wayans”.

Rising R&B sensation K. Roosevelt was also in attendance alongside DAY 26 member Willie Taylor. The event and photos were sponsored by Team Hennessy and JL Nights and you can check out more pics from the party when you click on that “Read More” button below:

Shouts to my homie Johnny Gines for the exclusive pics!

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