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Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Get Into Shoving Match Backstage At The BET Hip Hop Awards 2012

There have been so many conflicting reports about what happened between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy while they were backstage at the “2012 BET Hip Hop Awards” show. Some say there was a fight while others are saying nothing happened. Some reports even mentioned that there were shots fired!

Well I’m here to tell you something did happen between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, but its really not what you would think! For starters, yes Young Jeezy and Rick Ross came face to face backstage and yes there were some words that were exchanged between the two. There was even a shoving match that was caught on camera courtesy of TMZ.com, but nothing much more than that happened. In the end, both Rick Ross and Jeezy’s crew went their own separate ways because security was on deck like a mug!!

But just in case you don’t take my word for it, check out the shouting and shoving match that went down when you click on that “Read More” button below:

The only thing that caught the bad end of the stick was that hallway mirror and did anyone see DJ Drama running out of there like a bat out of hell?! LMAO! PRICELESS!!

Now feel free to leave me those thoughts in the comments section because you know I’m listening!

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Gunplay Says 50 Cent Is A Donkey & Confirms His Chain Was Snatched!!

The “2012 BET Hip Hop Awards” was one hell of an event that I’m kind of glad I missed out on. It seemed like there was one altercation after another from Rick Ross and Young Jeezy to 50 Cent and Gunplay! Now, I have no idea why 50 Cent made it his business to approach Gunplay and start a problem, but word is 50 was with eight dudes when he decided to approach Gunplay (who was by himself).

Now, according to the footage captured by WorldStarHipHop.com, it seemed that Gunplay held his own until he was pepper sprayed in the face. Gunplay then ran to 2 Chainz trailer where he was apprehended by authorities.

Gunplay, however, did call up into Power 105′s “The Breakfast Club” this morning to explain exactly what happened and you can check that out when you click on the “Read More” button below:

Gunplay never confirmed if his chain was snatched off of his neck or whether it fell off, but it doesn’t seem like he cared too much about losing it. Chains can always get replaced, but what are your thoughts on this news? Is 50 Cent pulling at straws by approaching Gunplay? Or should 50 Cent have approached the man he really has the issue with?……….which is Rick Ross? I’ll hold for your thoughts!

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Did 2 Chainz Steal Mr. Cheeks Whole Look?

While watching last nights “BET Hip Hop Awards“, I noticed that during 2 Chainz performance he looked rather familiar. Now I’m not talking familiar in the sense that I knew him, but rather that his whole look seemed familiar……kind of like I’ve seen it before and on someone else. And that’s when it hit me!!

2 Chainz reminded me of fellow Queens native, Mr. Cheeks!! I know I’m not buggin out when I say this because I even saw a few folks tweet out the same damn thing on Twitter! If you don’t believe me check out one of the tweets below:

I knew I wasn’t the only person thinking this so I did some digging around and found some pictures. Yall let me know what you think when you click on that “Read More” button below:

Am I bugging? Or do I have a point? I’ll hold!

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HHGS Sneak Peek: The Houstons On Our Own

Whitney Houston’s family will be coming together for a new reality show titled “The Houstons: On Our Own” which is set to premiere on October 24th on the Lifetime channel. Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon, Cissy Houston, Pat Harris and others will take the masses on a journey as they move on with their lives without Whitney Houston in it.

I’m sure the new show is sure to draw in the ratings, but what I need you guys to pay attention to is the exchange between Nick Gordon and Bobbi’s uncle that looks like its going to get really heated! Now that’s what I need to see!!

So get ready to check out the sneak peek trailer when you click on that “Read More” button below:

Will you be watching?

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What She Wore: Keyshia Cole On The Set of “Trust & Believe”

The beautiful Keyshia Cole was recently out shooting her latest video for her joint titled “Trust & Believe” which will premiere today on BET’s “106 & Park“. The stylist on set for the new Keyshia Cole video was none other than Mr. Joe Exclusive who was assisted by co-stylist, Olori.

Keyshia Cole looked absolutely beautiful in her Sacred Hearts Co. Issy Jumper pictured below:

You can check out some more behind the scenes pics from Keyshia Cole’s videoset when you click on that “Read More” button below:

Keyshia Cole with actor Rotimi from the show “Boss”

Mr. Joe Exclusive paired Keyshia Cole’s Sacred Hearts Issy jumper with a pair of ankle boots by Cesare Paciotti. You can find similar ankle boots when you go to deefind.com. Another shot of Keyshia below:

Keyshia Cole always looks flawless! What do you think?

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