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cutest childish nail ideas

It’s time for this fashion writer to come clean: I do not understand nail art. I love a good mani/pedi and I try to keep my nails looking fabulous as much as possible, but wacky nail art is just beyond me. Like completely. I think it’s really cool, and it boggles my mind how people can create tiny drawings with nail polish, but nonetheless—it’s not my thing. Meaning, I would never spend hours creating nail art myself, nor would I ever pay someone else to do it. That being said, I might not want to buy a Rothko painting, but I can certainly appreciate it, right?* It is, of course, much easier to write what you know, but so the saying goes: nothing worth doing is easy.

Death Note

Sisters Cookie Monster Nails and Chocolate Chip Cookies Nail ar

Sock Monkey Nails


Toy Story Nails

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