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Disney Tattoos, Soooo Cute

Let’s be honest: the staff at Buzznet loves all things Disney. And who could blame us? Disney is everywhere! From theme parks, to movies, to television shows, and an endless amount of dolls, Disney’s presence has held strong for what seems like an eternity. Millions of other people are fans, too, as evidenced by Disney’s theme park visitor rate per year: an average of 14 million visitors visit Disneyland annually. Can you imagine the statistics for the other parks all over the world? Crazy!

We at Buzznet also love tattoos. Putting together the Mouse and skin art? A great match, we think! Here are 100 of the happiest tattoos on earth; there are images of Snow White and her dwarves, dalmatians, a little mermaid, and a whole plethora of Disney-centered ink. Do you have a favorite piece? Let us know!

disney bird tatoo

Disney mickey and milley tattoo

disney tattoo (2)

disney tattoo


snoopy tattoo

snow white tattoo

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the Orient style tattoos

Oriental tattoos are widely known for their elegant and sophisticated styles. These designs are often intricate and colorful, and can represent anything from strength to nothing more than a simple aesthetic appeal.

beautiful tattoos  birds, escape from cage

beautiful tattoos  birds

Flowers and plant life are also quite popular in Oriental tattoos. White lotus blossoms are favored; For an interesting variation on the classic flower motif, you could create a silhouette style with contrasting white cut into black, or black cut into white. In this style you could also add small birds on the branches of trees, or emerging from a small bush filled with flowers.

beautiful tattoos  gloves

beautiful tattoos  wintersweet

beautiful tattoos elephants

Oriental style tattoos are understandable, as they are not only pleasing to look at, but hold a vast array of meaning and symbolism within every detail.

beautiful tattoos legs

beautiful tattoos ink painting

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