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5 Remarkable Infinity Tattoo Designs

The infinity symbol can be a very cool and interesting tattoo design. Imagine a loving relationship or a strong bond with your sibling that you never want to end. One way to depict forever can be with an Infinity Symbol Tattoo. A twist that loops round and round actually never ends, and that’s what the infinity symbol shows. You can get a tiny infinity symbol in simple black, or a beautiful blue shade, or twisted around in a plant inspired vine design. The infinity symbol can be used in many different ways on its own, or with a combination of patterns like stars or names, in a beautiful tattoo design.

The infinity symbol you get can be a tiny inked mark on the back of your neck or an inner wrist, or you could show off your stylish symbol tattoo in a large and beautiful design on your bare back. Check out these amazing infinity symbol designs.

infinitely love

infinity faith

infinity feather

infinity tattoo  Love..Family Forever Tattoo. Infinity sign tattoos

infinity tattoo

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Hot Girl Tattoos

The Urban Dictionary says this of women who wear these lumbar tattoos:
“Those chicks with tramp stamps are the kinds of girls you take home to bang. Don’t get into relationships with them because they are often immature gold digging sluts who sleep with everyone. Oh yeah, make sure you use a rubber because you don’t want to end up with chlamydia trachoma (which 1 in 20 women have between the ages of 14-39 according to the center of disease control… probably much higher if they have a tramp stamp considering the scientific coloration [sic] between sluttiness and tramp stamps). Also, if they pop out a baby (which they often do), they may have issues getting epidurals through their tattoos in the lower back.”

Beautiful tattooed girl girltattoos tattoos

sleeve tattoo girl tattoo (2)

sleeve tattoo girl tattoo

Stephanie Ierullo

tattoo girl

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