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Pretty Water Color Tattoos

OK, so I officially suck at the “old school/traditional” watercolor techniques for painting flash, and I’m sick of ruining my nice line drawings. I have some sucess with acrylic inks (FW, Speedball), but the Doc Martins are a mystery to me. I love the look, but I can’t pull it off. I know we have some members that are great at this technique (I won’t name names because I don’t want to leave anyone out) so here we go… Post your watercolor flash tips and techniques here. Step by steps, how to’s, in progresses, tools, techniques, samples, or just some helpful advice. Please help me acheive the main goal of my forum. To educate young artists about the artforms that interest them most. The COOL ones!

Musa at TriboTattoo Czech Republic 12   Abstract Tattoo

water color tattoo bird

watercolor tattoo

watercolor tattoo lady tattoo

White Raven outstanding

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