Tips to select the Perfect Gift for your Customer

Promotional products are often a good strategy to retain customers. Despite its popularization in a negative way because of the Chinese industry, the use of gifts, especially the personalized ones, is still very welcome by several corporations.

To choose the best gift for clients is necessary to have a good planning, in order not to err in the choice or in the production. But do you know how to do this?

The tips below will help you not to make a mistake in deciding which gifts to please your customers. Check out friendship apparels and gifts – corporate gifts Singapore now.

Know your Audience well

What does your client like? What are your habits, values, what does he think, what does he need? If it is more practical, it may be a good tip to offer a toast that has some utility – that goes beyond beauty and has some practicality. If he uses his toast every day, it is clear that his brand will be remembered more often positively.

To organize your survey data, write down on a piece of paper all the characteristics of your customer and know him or her deeply. Do not know how to do this? Create surveys using quizzes! After that, brainstorm to decide which toast is appropriate. Often it is not necessary to be too expensive or sophisticated, but you will have to serve it the best way.

Set the purpose of the Customer Toast

Why do you want to distribute appropriate gifts to your customers? Do you want them to return to your establishment? Or is it to attract people who do not buy more in your company? What is the real purpose of producing freebies?

They can also be used to promote some important event that your organization is sponsoring. Or, in some cases, to celebrate special dates such as Mother’s Day, Customer’s Day or even dates like Christmas and New Year.

Surprise the Customer

Searching for the competition and delivering to your audience something much better, which they really enjoy and use often, is an ingenious and insightful strategy. After all, exceeding expectations usually has great results in customer loyalty in the long run.

Also, what experience do you want to provide while distributing your free gifts? If it’s a good enough idea for him to always come back, you need to consider how long you expect your freebie to have. Always be remembered and do not let your gift go into some drawer!

Pay attention to Design

When choosing your freebie, remember that it will have the visual identity of your brand, so be strict about the pattern of colors and shapes!

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