gorgeous blue eyes

Find out what the best makeup is to accentuate your blue eyes! There are specific colors of makeup to use on blue eyes to make them stand out. Read about makeup tips for blue eyes here! Take it from the blue eyed girl herself, the right eyeliner and eyeshadow can truely bring out your natural beauty!Makeup for blue eyes is no longer a secret:)

blue smokey eyes

gold and blue eyes and nails

gorgeous blue eyes

Tips for bringing out your baby blues:

1. Wear colors opposite of blue on the color wheel- those would be golds, oranges, coppers, and browns.

2. Blues can help blue eyes pop if it’s the darker blue and used in moderation- even some purples look nice

3. For a fun twist, wear fuschia or orange on the lid with a touch of brown in the crease- it brightens your eyes while keeping it wearable

4. Put that blue eyeliner in the waterline- it accents the whiteness of your eyes and enhances the blue without being too overdone

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