Wedding hair in a messy bun

Try a new hairstyle with a messy bun. An easy style that is quick and fast and ready for everyday wear.

hair design bun (1)

hair design bun (2)

hair design bun (3)

hair design bun (4)

hair design bun  Bryce Dallas Howard Cannes 2011

Once you’ve got the hair in place and you’re comfortable with your ponytail and where it is positioned on the head, you can then be thinking about putting in your hair band and creating the bun. So you take your hair band, you want to put it through once, put it through twice. As you can see, I’ve doubled it through and we leave the back loose and spike the ends of the hair around creating a little chopstick look. And that is literally how you create a messy bun for everyday wear. You’ve just seen an example of literally a messy bun, it’s as simple as that.

And that’s how it looks. You can have your own variation on this style. You can spread it out a little bit more, you can make it a little bit rougher, you can make it a little bit neater, but that’s basically the idea.

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